I’m super stoked to announce I recently signed a long-term partnership with Vivobarefoot Shoes, who is not only supporting me but also my work.

Vivo is the first corporate sponsor of Pinkmantaray Support Groups! All groups were previously donation-based (and wound up being mostly funded by me), but now @Vivobarefoot funds the two trans masc meetings! I love companies that support us year round AND make awesome, sustainable products.



And don’t forget to use my code PINKMANTARAY to get 10% off!

Some history & background about my experience with my feet and shoes:

When I was a kid, I had really bad feet problems. I had a genetic defect called accessory navicular (an extra bone) that caused me massive chronic foot pain. When I was 10, I got bilateral surgery to remove the extra bone but the surgery failed and the bones grew back. As a result, I’ve always struggled with shoes. Most shoes actually have too much support and hurt my feet as a result. Barefoot / minimalist shoes have always felt better, so when I found Vivo, I was stoked. Vivo is actually the first brand I solicited because I love their shoes and their brand mission so much.

Vivo’s mission is to reconnect people with the planet – through shoes that not only literally connect you to the earth (they really do feel so much more grounding!) but also metaphorically as they are sustainably made with amazing reusable and regenerative practices that are better for the earth.

Here are a few more facts about Vivo:

  1. Vivo shoes are sustainably made from plants and recycled plastics. Several shoes are vegan.
  2. Vivo is a certified B Corp company, which means that it is “a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.” (From B Corp’s website.)
  3. Vivo gives back through the Live Barefoot Fund.
  4. Vivo’s Revivo program allows you to send back old Vivo shoes when you’re done with them, which are then refurbished and sold at Revivo.com at a discount.

What are ‘barefoot’ shoes?

Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic being barefoot as closely as possible.

From Vivo’s website:

The human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece; when left to its own devices it can thrive doing everything from walking and running to jumping and dancing, but by cramming it in a modern shoe – cushioned, narrow and rigid – negates its natural strength and function. Our feet are our foundation connecting us to the earth, they should not be compromised.

All Vivobarefoot footwear is designed to be Wide, Thin and Flexible: as close to barefoot as possible. They promote your foot’s natural strength and movement. Allowing you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

There is a powerful sensory connection between the feet and the brain and thus, our movement and place in the world. A Vivobarefoot shoe reconnects you to the world around you, literally bringing you closer to nature.

If you’re wondering about the science behind barefoot shoes, visit Vivo’s blog about this here.

Vivo is truly an incredible company and I’m so excited to partner with them.

In addition to supporting me, Vivo now also supports my work through funding my trans masc support group which was previously donation based only. Vivo is passionate about supporting inclusive spaces for us; their support goes directly into paying for ASL interpretation for the groups.

Sign up for one of my support groups here.

Start your barefoot journey with Vivobarefoot and use my discount code PINKMANTARAY for 10% off!

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