From September 9th – October 21st, 2019 Schuyler toured the USA on his first non-stop speaking tour.

The “Give Back” Graduation Tour included 43 Events, 26 cities, 18 states – in 39 days!!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and attend.

The impetus for the tour came as Schuyler graduated and planned for his subsequent employment at Bright Jones, LLC in Seattle. While Brighton Jones had agreed to allow him to continue to speak, he realized his work schedule would limit the number of talks. The thought arose that he had a unique opportunity to do a fall tour – if Brighton Jones would allow a late October start date. They agreed and tour planning began.

By the end of his senior year at Harvard, Schuyler delivered over 100 speeches – all driven by invitations and primarily at places who had the means to arrange a visit. Schuyler wanted the “Give-back” tour to reach places who might not have the resources or exposure. He targeted “red-states,” non-profits, and reached out to hundreds of organizations around the country. The resulting six-week tour includes 43 events in 26 cities and 18 states. Over 60% of the events are in “red-states” with many organizers paying no more than a $100 commitment fee. The Tour will reach over 6000 attendees. This adds to the nearly 25,000 attendees Schuyler has spoken to in prior speaking appearances.

At nearly every event Schuyler is touched by individual(s) who thank him for his example and for giving them the courage and example to be themselves. Conversely, he has also had many participants who fumbled over language and concepts because of their unfamiliarity and who thanked him for opening them up and giving them a new perspective.

Primary purpose of tour

Visit schools/organizations that would not otherwise have the exposure or resources to request a visit.

Any group that could raise at least a $100 “show of commitment” was guaranteed a visit.

About ¼ of the hosts paid the minimum.

About ¼ of the hosts acted as city “sponsors,” fully covering travel costs to enable other events.

Every school visited also received a copy of Fresh Ink, the We Need Diverse Books anthology published by Random House which includes Schuyler’s first short story, for their library.


Tour Stats

43 Events, 18 States, 26 Cities, 6 weeks.

2016 “Red” States (10): Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin

2016 “Blue” States (8): Virginia, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nevada, District of Columbia, California

Over 6000 attendees from kindergarten students through senior citizens.


Press Highlights from the tour

2019-09-10 UNCG Campus Weekly: Lecture Series hosts influential college athlete

2019-09-11 Kstate Collegian: The NCAA’s first openly transgender D1 athlete speaks about mental health, identity

2019-09-11 The Mercury: Transgender NCAA athlete tells K-State students understanding isn’t required for love

2019-09-12 WUNC, Frank Stasio – Trans athlete risk all

2019-09-13 Wichita State – Interview with Aliyah (college student)

2019-09-16 The Sunflower: Schuyler Bailar discusses mental health, LGBTQ issues during campus visit

2019-09-18 Falk News: Schuyler Bailar is visiting Pittsburgh!

2019-09-22 Illinois State – Schuyler keynotes LGBTQA Cultural Dinner

2019-09-23 WGLT – Schuyler Bailar Headlines ISU Cultural Dinner

2019-09-25 Metea Media: Transgender athlete Schuyler Bailar speaks

2019-09-27 NCTV17: Transgender Athlete Schuyler Bailar Shares Transition

2019-09-29 PPS Newsbreak: Schuyler Bailar speaks in district-wide event

2019-10-10 Brandeis News: Integrity and Authenticity

2019-10-13 UF Alligator: First NCAA DI transgender athlete speaks at UF

2019-10-24 Brown Daily: Schuyler Bailar speaks, First trans D1 Athlete in mens sports 


Tour events (Note: there are multiple events at many locations on some dates)

Date City State Organization Public?
03-Sep-19 Chula Vista CA Hilltop High School GSA No
10-Sep-19 Manhattan KS Kansas State University Public
11-Sep-19 Kansas City MO KCAI No
11-Sep-19 Lawrence KS University of Kansas Public
12-Sep-19 Wichita KS Wichita State University Public
16-Sep-19 Greensboro NC UNC Greensboro Public
18-Sep-19 Washington DC Apple Carnegie Library Public
18-Sep-19 Richmond VA Steward School No
19-Sep-19 Naperville IL Naperville Central Public
20-Sep-19 Naperville IL Naperville North Public
20-Sep-19 Normal IL Illinois State University Public
23-Sep-19 Lakewood OH Albert Einstein Academy No
23-Sep-19 Milwaukee WI UWISC – Milwaukee Public
24-Sep-19 Aurora IL Metea Valley High School Public
24-Sep-19 Des Plaines IL Oakton Community College Public
26-Sep-19 Pittsburgh PA Brashear HS – Pittsburgh District HS No
26-Sep-19 Pittsburgh PA Persad Center Public
27-Sep-19 Pittsburgh PA TransPride Pittsburgh Prof No
27-Sep-19 Pittsburgh PA Falk Laboratory School No
30-Sep-19 Salem OR Willamette University Public
02-Oct-19 Las Vegas NV TheCenterLV Public
02-Oct-19 Las Vegas NV College of Southern Nevada Public
03-Oct-19 San Francisco CA Brandeis School of SFO Public
07-Oct-19 Biddeford ME University of New England Public
07-Oct-19 Sheffield MA Berkshire School No
08-Oct-19 Easton PA Lafayette College Public
10-Oct-19 New York NY The Calhoun School No
10-Oct-19 Jamaica NY St John’s University Public
11-Oct-19 Gainesville FL University Of Florida Public
15-Oct-19 St. Louis MO Maryville University Public
16-Oct-19 NYC NY Collegiate School No
17-Oct-19 NYC NY Grace Church School Public
17-Oct-19 Providence RI

Brown University


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