Key promotional statements

Schuyler is the first transgender NCAA D1 men’s athlete.
Schuyler is the first trans athlete to compete for Harvard University and the Ivy League.
Schuyler is the first trans athlete to compete in a USA Swimming qualifying (elite-level) meet.
Schuyler is Georgetown Day School, Class of 2014 & Harvard University, Class of 2019.

Sample Promo Blurbs

The first transgender athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA D1 men’s team
The first transgender NCAA D1 men’s athlete

Event announcement sample (social media, community calendars, etc)

Schuyler Bailar, internationally renowned inspirational speaker and inclusion advocate is coming to CAMPUS on DATE at TIME at LOCATION.
As seen on The Ellen Show and The Olympic Channel, Schuyler will tell his groundbreaking journey as the first transgender athlete to compete on an NCAA D1 men’s team in an engaging and uplifting presentation and discussion.
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Key Promotion Outlets

If you have members of your network with direct personal contacts to the following organizations – use them. Alternatively, a google search can be very effective in finding the right contacts.

K-12 public or private schools, PTAs, guidance counselors and event coordinators
Colleges and University dean/office of students, diversity offices and LGBTQ groups
LGBTQ centers
PFLAG Chapters
USA Swimming club (and other sports) teams
NGLCC local Chapter of LGBTQ businesses
Museums of Science, Arts, Culture
Congress people / government officials in your “network”
Local notable trans individuals – and their “networks”
Newpaper event calendar
Radio event calendar


Organizations may promote their events for the intended audience as specified in their
Speaking Agreement. Permission is NOT granted for promotions beyond these stated

Schuyler’s Speaking Flyer, 100-word Bio, Short Bio and Introduction may be used in whole or
part in promotional materials. You many also create your own materials as long as
they are substantively consistent with these messages.

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