Leave me alone with my words,

My pen and black leather-bound journal.

Leave me in the sky, where I belong.

The clouds are enough to make me rumble, turn my thoughts into thunder.

Leave me with the ocean,

Where the rise and crash of the waves will conquer the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Don’t wait for me at the seashore or at the tops of the mountains;

I’m not coming back.

You might glimpse pieces of me in the tsunami,

Or in the hurricane sky.

But I will never come back the same.

Do not fear;

I need not be static or unchanged.

Remember, the universe favors chaos.

So leave me alone with my words.

They’re enough to write me into my love stories, my happiness, my fantasies.

Leave me in the sky where I have the whole world to fall;

Leave me where it all ends,

At the farthest reaches of humanity,

Where my words will stew storm clouds that are thousands of elephants heavy,

And my tears will become the rain.

Leave me there, alone, to fall with my tears into the ocean,

Where I’ll have no father left to fall.

Leave me with my waves;

And my words will tumble with the rumble they learned from the clouds;

The thunder will create an ethereal pathway of tear drops,

Drawing to a close the impossible gap,

And my waves will toss gallons of mist into the sky, like fingers reaching out to touch the hands of rain that descend from the clouds.

Here, you’ll leave me,

With my tears falling from eyelids to mouth.

But I won’t be sad.

Because in my tears, my darling, I can taste the ocean.

© Schuyler Bailar 2015

Categories: poetry