(Updated 1/16/2020)

I want to meet and hangout with as many of you as I can! My events are usually open to the public (see on the main event page) so feel free to attend those. For the cities without a public event, I’ll be hosting meet-ups!

But, I need your help in planning these meet ups! 

Find your city and click the link to vote for the best meet-up location. Feel free to add another suggestion if you know of a better place! Any additional comments (please don’t flood the little suggestion bar with paragraphs) can go to my email: Schuyler@pinkmantaray.com.

Please note the times are very open ended right now. Once I nail down a location for each meet-up and finalize some other tour details, I’ll be posting exact times & locations for y’all! Stay tuned.


Los Angeles / Southern California


Manhattan Beach Pier
Santa Monica Peer
Huntington Beach


San Diego

Early Evening



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