Schuyler is the Voice for Trans Inclusion: The first trans athlete to compete in any sport on an NCAA D1 men’s team, and the only to have competed for all four years. He is an internationally-celebrated inspirational speaker, author and a respected advocate for inclusion, body acceptance, and mental health awareness.

Promo Plug

Schuyler’s wrote his first book – Obie is Man Enough (Crown – Random House) Pub date: September 7, 2021.

The middle grade novel is about a coming-of-age tween swimmer, Obie, who also happens to be transgender. Obie faces many of the typical challenges of middle school but through the added lens of a transgender kid. 

Schuyler wrote Obie for all the kids (and adults) who don’t know where or how to find themselves, trans or not. It is relatable for all and a call to action as it says: Obie is a kid, Obie is human, Obie is also trans!

Here he is commenting on why he wrote Obie, as he receives his first copy: Why I wrote Obie!.

Influencer Stats (as of 2021-08-30)

Over 350,000 followers on all platforms (326k Instagram)
Millions of reel views.
2000+ posts.
80+ million online video/TV views

Speaking/Advisory Clients include:

Over 320 speeches with over 70,000 participants to date including a national in-person tour in 2019 Tour info – 43 events, 26 cities, 39 days
100s of schools and non-profits, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Apple, Facebook, the CIA, Capital One, and dozens of others

Brand clients include many non-traditional collabs:

Speedo, Vivo Barefoot, Instagram/Facebook, Marriott, Cadillac, Lush, Nike, Verizon, Tom’s Shoes, Gymshark, Visible Wireless and many more

Schuyler requires all potential partners to complete a corporate responsibility review to evaluate their overall alignment with his advocacy.

Board seats/Advisory Fellowships (Active)

Monte Nido & Affiliates, Eating Disorder Coalition, USA Swimming DEI Advisory Board

Mentoring/Life coaching

Schuyler’s mentoring work took off during COVID when he saw many folx finding themselves isolated, often in unsupportive homes and opened up free video sessions for anyone in need. This quickly grew to nearly 600 individual sessions and many ongoing clients. He still maintains weekly free slots for people in need, coupled with a pay-as-you-can practice for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Quick video clips:

The Olympic Channel profile of Schuyler
Schuyler on Ellen
Schuyler Accepts the Harvard Directors Award

Notable advocacy press interviews

ABC News Localish Profile
CBS News


Obie is Man Enough (Crown – Random House) Pub date September, 7 2021
Fresh Ink, an anthology (Random House) Schuyler was a contributing author; Pub date 2018

More Background

After Schuyler appeared on 60 Minutes and Ellen, he got many requests to speak. First at schools, then non-profits, then companies and finally conferences. Schuyler was the first NCAA Athlete granted permission to speak while competing and ended up delivering over 100 speeches while competing 4 years on the winningest Harvard Swim team in 50 years – and graduating with a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. Now, nearly 300 speeches later, Schuyler is one of the most sought out trans and inclusion speakers in the country. He has spoken at Microsoft and the CIA, for the NCAA and to the Massachusetts Senate. He has been a keynote at the largest student diversity summit in the USA and sat crisscross-applesauce with grade school kids while their trans classmate held his hand to come out to them.  Dozens of his hosts claim him to be the best event they have every hosted.

Athletically, Schuyler did not podium – but his performance was very respectable. He finished his collegiate swimming career in the top 13% and top 15% for all NCAA swimmers in his two main events. Not only was he not last – he was faster than 85% of US collegiate athletes, arguably the top cadre in the world! And he was awarded the prestigious Harvard Directors Award – only the 7th recipient in its history (see his impromptu and touching acceptance speech here).

Schuyler is not competing at the moment, but he is still an athlete and loves the water and swimming. 

After graduation in 2019 – he went on a nationwide speaking tour (Tour info – 43 events, 26 cities, 39 days) and dedicated himself to advocacy, coaching and writing – turning down a prestigious and secure job at a financial services company to pursue his passion.  

With his unique mix of education and advocacy, Schuyler is often turned to as the Voice of Trans Inclusion and was designated the LGBTQ Nation Instagram Advocate of the Year along with dozens of other accolades.

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