Content warning: mention of depression, self-harm, depression; discussion eating disorder and gender dysphoria.

[Closed captioning is available on the video, just hit “CC” on the YouTube tool!]

At the 2019 Annual Multi-service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA) Gala, I gave this speech (click play below to listen) about my experience with my eating disorder and my recovery as a queer transgender athlete.

My speech itself begins at 2min45sec. The first couple minutes is Becky Manley (the founder of MEDA) introducing me, along with a couple comments from the man sitting next to me. I recorded the speech on my iPhone, which I held so any strange noises you hear are because I touched my phone or moved it.

Content warning: eating disorders, depression, self-hatred, and gender dysphoria.

Read the full transcription of my speech (beginning at 2min45sec) here.


LGBTQ+ youth are affected by eating disorders more than any other demographic.

Demographic Prevalence
Women, inclusive (up to age 20) Up to 13.2%
Transgender youth (ages 13-24) Up to 71%
Gender nonconforming youth (ages 13-24) 40%
LGBTQ cisgender girls (ages 13-24) 54%


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