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Schuyler offers individual private Q&A, counseling, mentorship, and life-coaching sessions for people of all identities regardless of age, gender journey, or profession.

To schedule your first session, click here. In light of the pandemic, the reservation fee is now being waived. These first sessions are pay-as-you-wish (free if you cannot or don’t want to pay.)

About Sessions with Schuyler

Schuyler’s work is quite diverse. He provides guidance for improving body image, navigating difficult conversations, coming out processes (both LGBTQ related, and not), and decision-making, building confidence and learning positive self-talk, managing and understanding emotions, and more.

During the first few months of COVID-19 quarantine alone, Schuyler provided over 300 support sessions to folks in need. While he continues to aid a variety of people across many identities both in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, Schuyler has significant experience with trans and gender nonconforming folks working through topics such as building confidence and self-assuredness as a trans person, dealing with internalized transphobia and transphobic environments, navigating dysphoria alongside eating disorderse or other mental illness, and more.

Schuyler also provides professional guidance, including career coaching and purpose-driven life-coaching.

Recurring Sessions

Schuyler also offers recurring sessions for more in-depth mentorship and/or life-coaching:

  • Frequency: Most folks do weekly sessions—but Schuyler is happy to accommodate more or less depending on your needs!
  • Scheduling: Schuyler mostly builds his schedule around sessions with his recurring clients so if you’re interested, email him with a few days/times that work for you. Keep in mind he usually does not typically do weekends.
  • Rates: $60.00 USD for 30 minutes, and $90.00 USD for 60 minutes. Schuyler never wants finances to be a barrier, though, so let him know if this doesn’t feel feasible.

For more, please email him at!


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While Schuyler has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard, he is not a licensed mental health professional.