Hey everyone! I’ve returned to blogging!!

Yesterday I moved into my dorm at Harvard and I’m super excited to be in the same place consistently for the next year. So, I finally made a new video on my YouTube channel — you can check that out below: 

To summarize the video, for those of you who don’t want to watch me babble for 8 minutes: I haven’t seen that much change over the past 85 days. The most noticeable changes are facial structure and voice. But here’s a breakdown —


  1. Increased anger – I was incredibly irritable and easily enraged, and I often felt cabin-fevery in situations that did not warrant that feeling. Ultimately, I found that removing myself from the situation or the people in order to let the emotions dissipate and calm down was the best solution. That said, sometimes yelling was the only way to break it down. The anger was the worst during the first month/month and a half but since then I’ve been better with being able to take it down and access the real emotions behind the anger. And, the easy irritability is lessening.
  2. Menstrual cycle – I had two periods after starting hormones. Both were considerably horrible. I’m currently 3 weeks late so I’m hoping it’s gone!
  3. Increased libido – self explanatory.
  4. More hair – My hair amount is definitely increasing all over. my leg hair didn’t change much the first month but since then it has been steadily becoming more and more dense. It also is creeping up my thighs a little bit. (But not too much, I don’t think I’m going to be very hairy anyways.)
  5. Growth – I’m not going to go into much detail, but there definitely has been noticeable changes in that region.
  6. SWEAT – This is definitely the biggest and most annoying part of puberty take two. I sweat so much. Profusely. It’s actually a bit ridiculous. But it’s the way it goes. I don’t smell too different. (I’ve actually noticed no changes in smell so far, and neither have those around me.)
  7. Muscles – My muscles cramp a lot more easily than they ever have in the past. So there’s a lot of water-drinking and rolling out and stretching. I definitely feel stronger. I’m not sure if I’ve bulked up a lot but I do feel more sturdy and strong.
  8. Body shape – There really isn’t noticeable change in my hips or fat distribution so far. That’s probably the thing that makes me the most dysphoric about my body. I have noticed that my pants fit my thighs a little more tightly than usual and that my pants waist is either the same tightness or a bit loser. So perhaps my waistline/hips are changing, but who knows.
  9. Facial structure – My face is more angular/square than it used to be and I have more of a jawline which I’m really happy about.

That’s it for now! I’m going to be making more posts soon — I’m hoping to post pretty regularly.

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