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On Swimming & Sport

Swimming as a transguy, generally; do I have to give up swimming if I’m transgender? What do I wear if I haven’t had/don’t want top surgery? In my opinion, you shouldn’t ever write off the possibility of swimming because you’re … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Testopel

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Lots of transgender people feel something called “gender dysphoria,” which is a discomfort of varying intensities with one’s body, physical attributes, behaviors, etc., due to a incongurence of assigned sex at birth and gender identity. Trans* people experience dysphoria in … Continue reading

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Testosterone and the NCAA

“But… you’re taking testosterone… and you’re allowed to compete??? Doesn’t that give you an advantage??” “Wait, but aren’t female athletes, like… not as good as male athletes? Aren’t you way slower than all the other guys? Or are you just … Continue reading

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June 3, 2015: First T Shot!

Yesterday I got my first injection of testosterone! I’m starting with a .5mL dose of 1,000mg/10mL every week. My best friend went with me and filmed it! Although the shot itself wasn’t that exciting and I didn’t feel any different … Continue reading

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