Hill City 20% Off

Hill City sent me a Pride gift last month of a box of their clothes and I LOVED them so I got y’all a discount code valid through July 20, 2019!

The code is my name: SCHUYLER.

All of the clothes are made of great & mostly recycled material. It’s always been a bit of a struggle for me to find shorts that fit right because my butt is big, my thighs are thicc(ker than average guys my height) and I’m short so most shorts are too long. But these are perfect because they’re stretchy and a good length for me! These are mostly 8” shorts but they’ve got both 5” and 10” for any of y’all with different leg lengths! Check out my Instagram post for more.

So, for a whopping 20% OFF, use my code, “SCHUYLER” until July 20!

THANK YOU @HillCityOfficial❤️

Also, for reference, all of these clothes are a size M. The pants are 32-32, and were a little big for me lengthwise – I’m usually a 32-30.

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