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Thoughts on Testopel

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Did I used to bind? If so, with what kind of binder? What company? Yes, I used to bind. I initially bought an Underworks binder which I wore for less than a week because not only did it not make … Continue reading

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Top Surgery

Who did my top surgery? Where? I got surgery with Dr. Charles Garramone in Davie, FL (right outside of Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida.) Do I recommend the surgeon I went to? How was the staff and the experience? Dr. … Continue reading

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Food and diet

“What’s your workout routine?” “Do you just swim? Or do you do other kinds of cardio too? Do you lift? “What do you eat? How do I lose weight like you?” “What exercises do you do for you [insert muscle … Continue reading

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Testosterone and the NCAA

“But… you’re taking testosterone… and you’re allowed to compete??? Doesn’t that give you an advantage??” “Wait, but aren’t female athletes, like… not as good as male athletes? Aren’t you way slower than all the other guys? Or are you just … Continue reading

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Advice on Coming Out

In general… Be confident, be assertive, be kind. You are presenting yourself to others and the intent is not that they understand everything about you but that they accept you and treat you with respect. Be frank and direct: “I … Continue reading

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